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Nortex, an ISO certified facility, manufactures instrument transformers from 0.66kV upto 36kV system voltage.

Established in 2001, By Mr. S.K Sharma with a vision and capability to serve electrical industry after three decades of rich experience in the design, manufacturing and application of instrument transformers.

Many years of experience, comprehensive expertise, market presence and the desire to continuously develop our products; these aspects make us an efficient and solution-orientated partner.

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S.K Sharma

An Engineering graduate with the vision and capability to present accomplished 100% made in India Products globally in transformers and electrical equipment. Committee member of the Bureau of Indian Standards and an ardent music lover. He possesses a collection of over 1000+ gramophone records of the legends like Beatles, Rafi, and more.

Managing Director

Yatindra is a Management Graduate from the prestigious S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research. He is leading the team with the best emotional and intelligence quotient. Yatindra advanced nortex to the global markets, where the quality of Nortex is cherished and admired by the experts. Yatindra believes "The core of Mans' spirit comes from new experiences." An avid reader and a new-age entrepreneur. A Cinephile, he Loves to share his experiences with Into the Wild, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, and Pulp Fiction & Quentin Tarantino.

Technical Advisor – Solar Products

With 18+ Years of Experience in electrical equipment manufacturing, Suman has immense knowledge of EPC and project coordination. Suman, together with the team, has built some great products to cater to the needs of the renewable sector. He loves to talk about science and history. He has a weird sense of smell, meet him, and you will know what we meant by it!

G.M – Works

Saseendran comes with a solid background in Instrument and distribution transformers. With over 23+ years of experience, he is a rare asset in the electrical field—a person who knows the art of making a transformer. Saseendran has collaborated with significant panel builders across the country, understood their needs, and delivered high-quality products at a super affordable price. He is an opinionated person with a scientific temperament. He loves to talk about society, women in culture, Gods, and the ethos of religion over a cup of tea.

Manager – Sales & Customer Support

Rahul is the newest member of the team. He is an Extrovert, which defines his role as a Sales and Marketing Manager. With over 10+ Years of experience in the electrical field, Rahul knows the market and is always super-charged to introduce our brand with total trust and confidence in front of our customers. A rumour has it that he never over-commits and never under-delivers. He loves to utilize and harness his skills in his free time. Easy to say, he drinks, eats, and sleeps his job. Extremely open to helping others when asked!

SCM – Head

Santosh is a person-to-go-to in the company. From the moment he steps in, he is a person we all look at for everything we require. He extends our mission from "we shall remain a good paymaster to our suppliers" to "trust in all our suppliers, for their dedication and extended support in delivery and quality." He spends most of the Day on Phone Calls, Loves his family and Friends. He is amusing to interact with!!

Ram Prakash
Production - Head (MV Products)

Ram Prakash is a man that will surely inspire 100s and 1000s of people. He has defied conventional laws and emerged as a strong player in the industry. Starting as a workman early in transformer manufacturing, Ram Prakash worked Day and night for countless hours. Today he heads the production department as nortex. He is one person who has been there and done that!! Everyone learns something new regarding the product and operation by him. He is an old-school lover of Indian Cinema music. He loves to listen to Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle.

Bal Ram
Production - Head (LV Products)

Bal Ram loves Science and Science loves him. You will often hear him quote famous scientists in a middle of a conversation. He loves to read about the scientist and their journey of discovering their brainchild. He hopes and wishes to achieve something like his own One Day. He is frank and unknowingly funny. Bal ram is looking after the production and design of LT Products. He has 15 years of vast industry presence in this field.

Admin & HR – Head

Saurabh has served the country in Defence. Learned from the best!! Saurabh has a good understanding of the work culture and protocols. He understands the needs of the organization before anyone else. He treats all employees like they can Make A Difference, and they Do! He dedicates himself entirely to the upliftment of workers. He has, on multiple occasions, extended his support to their families when required. Saurabh loves cricket, and his passion for the game is quite evident. He wishes to open a cricket academy one Day. He is a great fast bowler.

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