Nortex, an ISO certified facility, manufactures instrument transformers from 0.66kV upto 36kV system voltage.

Established in 2001, By Mr. S.K Sharma with a vision and capability to serve electrical industry after three decades of rich experience in the design manufacturing and application of instrument transformers.

Many years of experience, comprehensive expertise, market presence and the desire to continuously develop our products; these aspects make us an efficient and solution-orientated partner.

Research, development, engineering, design activities and full manufacturing facilities are maintained at Nortex. Professionally managed by our hand-picked team members who are our main assets, Nortex is fervently committed to competitiveness and innovation. Consistent quality checks at every stage of processing has been our growth engine to success.

To meet the increasing global demands for instrument transformers, Nortex has developed global manufacturing capability for higher volume, lower cost products under Nortex’s strict quality control and supervision.

Nortex’s engineering expertise has resulted in major OEM clients from around the world working with Nortex to find solutions to power problems.

︎Nortex is committed to the very highest standards in terms of quality, operational reliability, service and use of the latest technology to provide original, innovative, cost effective and outstanding solutions to our partners.

︎Customer driven organisation and our aim is to keep our clients satisfied in every possible manner. Our engineers generate preliminary designs often, in a matter of hours if needed.